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HP a Spomienky z Budúcnosti part I.

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Zdravím. Určite si pamätáte na poviedku HP a Spomienky z Budúcnosti. Jedna autorka na Wattpade ma požiadala o povolenie preložiť moje poviedky do anglického jazyka s čím som súhlasila. Autorka-prekladateľka je Nataria The First (Murtunut_huora) a link na Wattpade je https://my.w.tt/66PeY69IW8. Tu je prvá preložená časť s poviedky HP a Spomienky z Budúcnosti. Ďakujem za preklad a Vám prajem príjemné čítanie ak máte záujem aj o Anglický preklad ;)

I. Memories Luna


It's been a month since I am at Grimmauld Place. In the house of the Black family, in Sirius' house. It's been a month since Sirius died in the ministry by my mistake, and now they want to force me to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, which has lost its meaning for me. And to make it worse, Dumbledore told me a week ago that I had to get married. Do you understand that? Marry. I really thought I would have a heart attack. The worst part is that Rem got me some women, Ginny is promenading in front of me, luckily that she's not walking naked and Mrs Weasley is completely crazy about the wedding. The worst part is that I don't want a girl. I don't like when Ron, Hermione and the other Weasleys are like they fully understand how I feel. They can't understand it at all. I lost my last family, which liked me, and I also find out that I have to get married, and also to someone, I almost don't know or is like my sister, God, I wish everyone won't behave as if they knew what I experience. Why am I still alive?

This is not life. I'm just sitting here now, in the old Black Library, looking at the only painting of Sirius that has ever been painted, and I'm sorry it's not magical and will never answer me again. A tear of guilt and sorrow run down my cheek. From downstairs, I hear the preparations for the celebration, as Mrs Weasley does something in the kitchen and saying everyone to clean up, as Ron cusses that he has to do something and Hermione reprimanding him that they are doing it for me so that I won't think too much about Sirius. Can I, when I'm in this house, where it reminds me so much of my godfather?

I hear a ringing sound at the back of my mind. I didn't notice it at first, but when it's getting more and more annoying, I turn to the sound. There are only bookshelves behind me, so I came to them slowly. I examine the bookshelves and tilt my head as I hear that strange ringing sound, it's like it's calling me to himself. I run my finger over the backs of all the books and read the titles. I'm interested in one called 'The Way Back'. I pull it out with interest with the idea that that's exactly what I want, to bring everything back. I look at the book in my hands and I hear the sound of scrolling, I realize that I no longer hear the ringing sound, but in front of me, instead of bookshelves, is a half-open door that lures me inside. The shelves have moved aside, and I carefully entered the door, which looks like it will soon fall out of the hinges. I enter a dark room, where the torches immediately light up and illuminate a large empty circular room, where in the middle is a large mirror in a gold frame decorated with rubies and emeralds, which have different shapes of magical animals. I came closer and noticed the inscription on the top of the frame, apparently, the name of the mirror "Memories Luna."

I look at it admiringly, I look through every detail and still holding the book, that led me here, in my hand. Something is forcing me, like taking this book, to reach for a mirror that reflects my gaunt face. I don't think much about it and let myself be carried away by the urge and gently go through the surface of the mirror, which reminds me more of water than glass. Small ripples appeared on the glass, which I look at in amazement. Suddenly I hear some noises outside the door, so I put the book by the mirror and run back to the library. I'll be back in the evening when everyone's asleep. I've masked the entrance so that I can get there well. When I'm done, Remus peeks in the library door. Ugh, that was really close, I thought and tried to smile at Rem, but in the end, it makes a grin.

„Molly is calling everyone to dinner," he remarks.

"Sure, I'm on my way," I nodded. "Look, Harry. We miss him too, but we can't do anything about it anymore," he grabbed my shoulder. "I know," I answered him. I'm not trying to persuade him, because now I may have found new hope for a better life. I'm going to the kitchen with Rem, where most of them have already gathered. I greet the silence there, sit down at the table and tried not to point out they attention at me. Well, if it would work, right? Fortunately, the celebration is not until tomorrow and not today, so I hope to avoid it from a great distance. They're still yelling at me at the dinner so it's not surprising that I've got a headache and the "best" part is that Ron is still trying to force me to the conversation about Quidditch, and Hermione is yelling at me to eat more, so it's no wonder I explode like a time bomb.

"Leave me alone!! You act like complete idiots. You pretend to understand me, but you don't understand me at all! Leave me alone for at least a moment. What's bad about wanting to be alone for a while?!" I stand up and, behind the grave silence that prevailed in the dining room, I go to sit in front of Sirius' painting and forgot about the mirror.

With a sigh, I pulled my legs to my body and hugged my arms. I'm so tired of it all, I'd rather not be here. Everyone acts like, I don't know what, and they think I want it, I listen to the loud conversation that started downstairs in the kitchen after I left. I hear they are all unhappy and a little upset, but all these sounds are broken by the bell again. I jerkily look at the bookshelves and ran right away. I stopped in front of the mirror, look at the door, closed, back at the mirror and notice that the book has disappeared. "I doubt no one will be missing me. I don't know what is waiting for me there, maybe something worse, but maybe something better. Huh. So, let's get to it," I sigh and jump in the mirror.

I feel like I'm in a colourful water vortex that spins faster and faster and then it seems to throw me away, the colour vortex is gone and there is only dark water around me, I tried to orient myself where I am because I am running out of the air in my lungs. I start swimming where I think the surface is, but I feel like I'm just getting deeper. It makes my head spin due to lack of air and I slowly pass out, I still realize that I saw a huge octopus wrapping a tentacle around me and swimming to the surface. When I opened my eyes, I saw a man with brown hair and eyes above me. I sat down and coughed up the water that is stuck in my lungs, and then I look around and find that I'm lying, now sitting, on the shores of Black Lake in Hogwarts. "What am I doing here? And who are you?" I looked at the man who smiles at me. "That's what I wanted to ask you. I'm Godric Gryffindor. Come to the castle, we'll talk there," and helped me to my feet. I get stunned to my feet when I realize how he presented. I stared at him at once and then I was staring at him openly. "Wait, you want to tell me you're THAT Godric Gryffindor? One of the four founders of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Hogwarts?" I stared at him.

"Yes. Are you sure you're okay?" he looks at me doubtfully. "I-I y-yes. I'm okay. I just feel like I'm crazy," I am close to fainting. "It would be because of that water. Come. Helga will look at you. Then we will talk and you can tell us what happened to you and who you are," he smiles kindly at me and leads us to the castle, where all the founders are sitting at the table in the Great Hall.

When I entered the Great Hall with Gryffindor, I felt like an Alice in Wonderland. When I saw the remaining founders at the professor's table, I felt like I am going to faint soon. "I'm crazy," I whispered to myself, but it echoes in the hall.

Godric raises an eyebrow but says nothing. The founders stood up and wait for us to come to them, where Godric seated me on a chair between him and Salazar, who is measuring me with his eyes. "Rick, don't you want to tell us who this wet boy, who showed up with you, is?" Salazar raises an eyebrow. "I found him in Black Lake," Godric shrugs.

Only now I realized that I'm still wet, so I used a drying spell on myself. I'm still unhealthily pale, realizing that I'm sitting next to Salazar Slytherin himself and that his descendant is trying to eliminate me. I don't perceive their conversation, I'm too stuck in my thoughts, how the hell did I get to the founders' days. That's why hand on my shoulder scares me. When I look around, I find that its Rowena Ravenclaw's hand. /Godric thinks that he can bring some weirdos, and Helga dares to say that he is similar to me! TO ME!!!/ he begins to hiss in silence, but angrily, /Salazar. I would appreciate it if you didn't call me a Weido. I haven'therded geese with you./(Translator's note: If you don't understand it, it's an idiom. It's like, he is pointing out at the age difference between them. Mostly it's used by the older people when they are scolding younger people that are rude to them.)I hiss at Salazar loud enough that I don't realize someone else's presence.

Salazar widened his eyes at me and only now I realized that he spoke parsel tongue. Rick says: "Sal, you didn't tell that you have a son." Now I widened my eyes. Salazar just opens his mouth and stares at me and then at Rick and then at me again. God, what did I do to someone?

"How you can speak Snake Language? I'm sure I never, I repeat, NEVER slept with any woman. Who are you!" Salazar frowns at me.

"Mr Gryffindor, I really am not his son. That would miss me for luck. I don't even know what I'm doing here and don't understand this at all," I put my head in my hands. "Why do you have parsel songue then?" asked Rowena.

Heh, and how to explain this to them? "Well," I started uncertainly. Then I pointed to my scar on my forehead. "Apparently, I got this gift by one dark mage," I said carefully. I'm not sure what I can tell them and what I can't. After all, I'm in the past, and as Hermione said, I have to be careful not to change the future. When I realize one thing about it. "How did you not sleep with a woman? How old are you?" I asked, probably stupidly but I couldn't help myself.

"So first of all, I'm gay, so it's clear I'm not sleeping with women. Secondly, what dark mage? And thirdly, who and where are you from?" Salazar looks into my eyes. Only now I realized that he has the same green as me and his black hair reaches his shoulders. "I ... my name is Harry Potter," I said silently and looked away. "I don't know any Potters," said Helga and the others nodded. "Where are you from?" Rowena asked. "I'm... I ...... I'm from the future," I bit my lip and lowered my head.

Everyone looked at me like I am a ghost. I sigh, "I was born in 1980", I said calmly. When something hits me. "Wait, if you're not into women, how can you have children in the future?" I say thoughtfully. In fact, I was surprised, it never occurred to me that the famous Salazar Slytherin is gay.

"I never had a child. Only my cousin. She's pretty out of her mind and she's crazy that she didn't get a family heirloom, parsel tongue. I hate her and broke contact with her when she started screaming that she hated muggles. At the same time, my mother is muggle-born and her father is muggle-born too. And if I'm guessing right, her descendant is the same fool longing for power, right? And it's also he who made you this scar. What spell?" Sal held my head under my chin. "Avada," I answered in silence, still exposed. "You survived a deadly curse ?!" everyone is horrified.


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